We believe the community is at the centre of all our operations and endeavours. Our community encompasses all our stakeholders, most importantly our suppliers, our staff and the local communities around the island that our facilities are situated or produce are sourced from. We have set up the below guidelines to be adhered at each transaction to make a positive impact on our community;

  • Local empowerment
    We believe in empowering our suppliers with the knowledge and insights they need so they can strive for a better socio economic role in global trade. Our wish for the local community to thrive while making a positive impact on our vision in sharing only the purest goodness of Ceylon.
  • Social responsibility
    We believe it is not just our responsibility but also our duty to put the society and the greater good ahead of our economic endeavours. All our actions taken for the betterment of the organization is only taken after considering the good and bad of those actions towards society.

Environment friendliness
As a leading agro-expo company it is in our interest that we protect the greater environment encompassing both the wilderness and the agricultural landscape so that many future generations to come also may enjoy the same benefits and wholesome goodness of fresh produce and spices we are enjoying at the moment. We strive to work with only those suppliers that share a similar vision and have been vetted by authorities to be in line with good eco practises.