About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Ceylon Spices & Produce

We are a second-generation group of friends and family in Sri Lanka, united by our love for quality pure Ceylon Cinnamon, coconuts, tea, spices, and fresh produce. We are on a constant journey; a Voyage, striving for unmatched quality and purity in offering the world the goodness of Ceylon. 


We source the best produce from our Sri Lankan paradise estates scattered from the central hill country to the coastal cities. Our state of the art processing facilities ensures that the highest food safety standards and practices are followed at all times. 


We are Voyage Merchants, Enriching Lives since 1995.

Our Team

Our 50+ member team in Sri Lanka is the epitome of team spirit and family. From our junior-most sourcing associate to Co-founder, we believe in shared values and hard work for a better organization and a better country.

Our Values



From our work ethics to operational practices, we aspire to be as pure as possible. From the moment produce is sourced until it is shipped and unloaded we strive to maintain utmost purity. Our staff is keen on cleanliness to ensure your customer receives only the cleanest and purest of Ceylonese products.




We believe Quality is what defines Voyage Merchants. From the highest quality materials being used for production to the quality policies that keep us above our competition, quality has been engraved to our corporate DNA. Rigorous time tested policies and practices are set to ensure only the highest quality products leave our premises at any given time.


Love is the pillar that holds our organization. Love at Voyage Merchants defines not only the team spirit but also our efforts taken beyond traditional sales & marketing practices. We strive to maintain the utmost customer satisfaction and success.  From our 24/7 customer service team to 100% satisfaction guarantee all our actions are driven by love and empathy.